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These are custom quests that I created using a program called Zelda Classic. The quests are based on the first Zelda game, using graphics from BS Zelda no Densetsu. I had fun making these quests, but sadly I did not keep up with it. Maybe one day Nintendo will grace us with a Zelda Maker...

Between the two quests, I like King Quest 2 more overall because I applied some lessons that I learned while making King Quest 1. For example, in King Quest 2, I gave players full health after a game over, which wasn't the case in KQ1. In the original Zelda, you did not get full health after game over, which turns out to be poor design because the player now has to leave and look for a place to heal themselves fully. In both quests, I made custom graphics for some items and map tiles, and in KQ2, each dungeon has its own music track unlike KQ1.

Install instructions

You will need Zelda Classic to play these quests. You can download Zelda Classic here: https://www.zeldaclassic.com/downloads/


KingQuest.zip 199 kB
KingQuest2nd.zip 292 kB

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